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To begin services, you may contact your preferred therapist directly. All clinicians agree to maintain a password-protected confidential voicemail so your privacy is assured. If you are an existing patient, please leave messages for your therapist directly on his or her private line.

We respond to calls Monday-Friday during normal business hours. You can expect a call back as soon as possible, typically by the next business day. If you have an emergency, please contact 911 or your local county emergency services

You may call our offices at: (813) 907-9191
FAXes can be sent to: (813) 907-9494

We welcome your emails at: If you’d like to request information about services or to inquire about becoming a new patient, you may also use the form below. Your correspondence will be returned as soon as possible (usually within one business day).

Jeanne Peterson, Psy.D.
(813) 382-2091

Gina Zuccolo, Psy.D.
(813) 357-9612

David Alexander, Psy.D.
(813) 635-6350

Carlos Garcia, Psy.D.
(813) 644-1791

Kristina Martinez, M.A.

Christian Berrios, Psy.D.
(813) 857-4467

Jennifer Richardson, Psy.D.
(727) 688-5756

Valerie Siegman, M.A.
(813) 255-4180

Irma Campos, Ph.D.
(813) 421-2375

Sharie Fábregas, Psy.D.
(813) 419-1043

Jill Langer, Ph.D., LLC.
(813) 748-3913

Susan Rarick, Ph.D.
(813) 943-4000

Dr. Kristen Davis-John
(813) 892-4082

Brian Doane, Ph.D.
(813) 853-5360