Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop

June 05, 2022 in News
by Dr. Jeanne Peterson

In the Hold Me Tight® workshop, we explain and offer concrete directions to help you cool down the distress, understand one another better and create the closeness you desire. We offer you the science of love and attachment, explaining in plain language what’s happening between us and our partner. We make it practical and applied, including specific suggestions and video clips showing how it’s done. We offer clear-cut ways to communicate differently – a guide to making those communications feel safe and go smoothly. We also show you how to create a sense of closeness, trust, and intimacy with your partner. We would love to have you join us at our upcoming event on November 5th!

During this workshop, you will learn from presentation, discussion, example videos, and personal exercises about how love goes wrong, and how you and your partner can make sense of the emotions in your relationship. You will also learn how to stop fighting and start connecting differently, how to heal past hurts, and how to create the relationship you’ve always wanted. This workshop is open to couples of all sexual and gender orientations.

Hold Me Tight® will be presented by Dr. Jeanne Peterson, Licensed Psychologist & Certified EFT Therapist & EFT Supervisor-In-Training, and Dr. Ryan Henry, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist & Certified EFT Therapist & Supervisor. As experienced group leaders, they can help you improve your relationship. For more info, or if you are interested in registering, please call our office at 813-907-9191.

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