Ariel Bradley, M.S.

Ariel Bradley, M.S.
Registered MFT Intern , FL #PY6060

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to learn more about me as a provider. I understand how scary or overwhelming the process of starting therapy can be and want to applaud the courage it took to make it to this step in the process! I provide a warm, welcoming, and empathic space for my clients to step into each week to feel safe, seen, and understood. Together we will create meaningful goals and identify the best approach for you on your journey to a more enriching life. I offer therapy in-person as well as virtually, to meet the best environment for you. In addition to my work with teens and adults, I have a strong passion for working with couples and families. Many of my clients come to therapy with questions about how to be an effective parent, to navigate romantic relationships or build a healthy, well-functioning family. Working collaboratively with you, I distill information from my specialized trainings and from the research in our field to help you along the path to connection, understanding and repair. An understanding of the importance of secure attachments underlies all of my therapy - as humans we are created to feel love and share love with another person and the loss of that connection is often the source of our distress.

Special Areas of Expertise:

Relationship Issues: 
Whether there is trouble communicating, agreeing on parenting decisions, or finding time to rebuild intimacy the heart of the issues lies in feeling disconnected. Together we identify and understand the cycle of disconnection by looking at where you as a couple are getting stuck. Together we work towards identifying and understanding your needs as well as your partner’s and start the healing journey towards connection and intimacy. 
College/Emerging Adulthood: 
The transition from teenager/adolescent to young adult can be an overwhelming one, to say the least. There may feel as if there is a lot of pressure or expectations for you to have everything figured out: who you want to be, what you want to do, when do you start a family of your own. Together we normalize the highs and lows of this transitional time of life and create a space to process the stressors that accompany this uncertain time. In addition to creating personal goals tailored to the specific issues concerning you we will also work to identify coping skills and local resources that could be of service.
New Parenthood:
 As a parent myself, I can attest to the anxiety being a new mother may bring, and the feeling that there weren’t enough classes or books in the world to suffice. In addition to these fears and worries you may experience a shift in identity. The “I can’t believe I am a parent” thought or the “how am I supposed to act as a parent now.” If you can relate to any of the above, you are not alone. Together we create a safe space to process and understand the protective nature of new parenthood anxiety. We will create meaningful goals and identify coping skills tailored to the busy life of parenthood.


Ariel has completed her Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of South Florida. In addition to this program tailored to relational and individual therapy she completed an additional year-long specialized training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (an evidenced base approach). Ariel has previously served as a Victim’s Advocate in the Sexual Assault Services at the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay and utilized trauma informed care with each survivor.

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