Carlos Garcia, Psy.D.

Carlos Garcia, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist , FL #PY10058

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and the ways I can help you build a more fulfilling and joyous life. I often hear individuals say the reason they do not seek therapy is because, “my problems are not significant enough” or “I should be able to cope on my own.” What I have found is that these and many other ingrained beliefs get in the way of finding our happiness.

I work with individuals seeking to create meaningful and positive experiences in their lives. I am committed to providing a space that feels positive, comforting, and empowering. My goal is to help you identify and create the change you’ve longed for as we focus on your strengths and talents.

We will work together to help you heal from the past, learn new ways of approaching challenges, and improve the relationships with others. We will focus on solutions and strategies to help you resolve day-to-day challenges. However, we will also incorporate therapy that will bring healing from past hurts to help you get past any feelings of resentments, guilt or regret.

Special Areas of Expertise:

Military/Police/ First Responders - I specialize in working with military issues such as deployment stress, reintegration challenges, and relationship difficulties. I also work with civil service personnel such as Police, Fire Rescue and First Responders. My own background as a military service member and firefighter has equipped me to work well with the special concerns of fellow professionals.

Depression - Life can sometimes leave us feeling unmotivated, down, or just “off.” If these feelings persist and we are unable to find solutions on our own, we end up feeling tired and overwhelmed. I can help you identify and address these difficulties as you gather insight about yourself and any potentially unhealthy coping styles. Through our work you will build new and positive ways of dealing with life challenges without the burden of depression.

Anxiety - Anxiety is the most common mental health issue affecting children and adults. An estimated 44 million American adults suffer from anxiety disorders. Many of us get nervous or anxious from time to time. However, when anxiety becomes so frequent that it begins to take over our lives, we exhaust our ability to cope. If you constantly experience worry, we can work together to help you reframe your relationship with uncertainty and create a life free of anxiety.

Stress Management - Stress occurs when we perceive that demands exceed our ability to cope. Some stress can be beneficial, producing a boost of energy to help us get through challenging situations. However, an extreme amount of stress can have detrimental consequences to our physical and emotional health. We can work at finding positive, healthy ways to cope in order to drastically reduce your stress and help you build resilience for future demands.

Relationships - Do you ever feel misunderstood? Do you feel you give much more to your relationships than others? Many of these issues may result from unhealthy relationships modeled for us growing up, which we unintentionally adopt. I will help you understand your own relationship patterns in order to guide you to a healthier sense of self. I can help you find balance in your relationships, whether it’s with a romantic partner, family or friends.

Self-Esteem - Do you find it difficult to quiet the critical voice inside your head? Do you find yourself second-guessing everything you do? If you are like most people, you know your inner critic all too well. It judges you, doubts you, belittles you, and constantly tells you that you are not good enough. Television, movies and social media only feed further into this problem. We are often seeking ways to improve some aspects of our lives. Let’s break this automatic tendency and help you quiet your inner critic.

Life Transitions - Adjusting to change can be difficult. Life events such as becoming single, entering middle age, or being diagnosed with an illness, are experiences that may leave us feeling overwhelmed. Even positive life transitions such as marriages, births, entering school or a new job can cause some stress. Changes can influence personal growth, and dealing with a change successfully will help you become stronger, more confident, and better prepared for what comes next in life.


I am a licensed psychologist in Florida. I received my doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University and completed my internship at Rutgers University. I previously earned a master's degree in clinical psychology and completed clinical rotations at student counseling centers and a sports psychology clinic. I have spent my life serving others and giving to my community. I served as a Marine in the US military and as a firefighter in Florida for many years. My passion lies in helping others grow and heal. Let’s work together to help you learn new ways of approaching life and get you back on the road to emotional harmony.

Payment for Services

I am on some insurance panels and accept cash pay, checks, and credit cards. I can also provide documentation for out of network benefits. Please contact me for more details.

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