Kristen Davis-John, Ph.D.

Kristen Davis-John, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist , FL #PY5228

Thank you for your interest in my background and skills. With over 25 years of therapy practice, I have extensive experience in providing individual, couples, and group therapy and the distinct honor of witnessing hundreds of life transformations, one individual at a time. I am passionate about joining individuals from young adulthood through later life on their psychological journeys to optimal well-being. Utilizing integrated, evidenced-based interventions, including interpersonal, solution-focused, positive psychology, and CBT perspectives, I work empathically in the context of individual and small group sessions to help clients leverage their inner strength to understand and dismantle psychological barriers while acquiring the personal insights and practical tools to live a fuller life.

I rely on a strong, compassionate, therapeutic relationship to help clients address: mood-altering states of depression and/or anxiety; interpersonal disconnecting habits such as ineffective communication; life-stagnating uncertainty related to identity and purpose; and growth-inhibiting conditions of stress, perfectionism, procrastination, low self-confidence, lack of motivation, and life imbalance. I value the power of a holistic body-mind-spirit perspective and encourage research-based holistic lifestyle principles such as adequate rest, nutritious meals, hydration, movement and exercise, a nurtured spiritual perspective, and a healthy social network. I can offer a Christian worldview on overcoming life challenges and achieving healing and wholeness.

I am a Florida-licensed psychologist with master’s and doctoral degrees in counseling psychology from The Ohio State University, a member of the Big Ten Academic Alliance. My professional journey includes an APA-accredited internship at the Miami VA Heath Care System. I formerly served as a Director of Training at a University Counseling Center, where I coordinated doctoral-level psychology internship training and provided clinical supervision for interns, post-doctoral fellows, and residents. I have also served as an adjunct faculty member in Psychology Doctoral training programs. I continue to teach through leading psycho-educational workshops on a variety of psychological wellness topics and presenting at national professional conferences and women’s retreats.

Currently, I am excited about plans to purse life-coaching certification to enhance and expand my services to those who have psychological resilience but need support in achieving their life goals.

Special Areas of Expertise:

Mood-altering states of depression and/or anxiety - It is difficult to live life to the fullest when you struggle with the mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual consequences of depression and/or anxiety. Far too many battle one or both of these mood-altering states alone, often questioning what is wrong with them. If this is your challenge, I will work relationally in the context of individual therapy to help you not only understand your condition but discover the inner strength, insights, and tools to overcome it and live a fuller life.

Interpersonal disconnection habits - I believe we were born to have healthy, mutually supportive relationships. However, if you were not exposed to healthy relationship models you may never have acquired the skills needed to establish and maintain life-enriching connections. You are not destined to live out your life this way. In the context of a safe and therapeutic relationship, we collaboratively explore unhelpful patterns of behavior or skill deficits that may undermine your ability to communicate effectively and connect interpersonally.

Life-stagnating uncertainty - Life is like a journey with many twists and turns. Sometimes, a turn may lead you to an unknown destination and cause you to experience confusion about who you are and uncertainty about your life purpose. Without a life map you may feel lost and then experience life as stagnant, without forward movement. Solution-focused therapy and positive psychology are some of the therapeutic tools I may use to help you cope with uncertainty and define your identity and purpose.

Personal growth-inhibiting conditions - Whether you are burdened by stress, perfectionism, procrastination, low self-confidence, lack of motivation, and/or life imbalance, your ability to enjoy personal growth is unquestionably inhibited. Such growth is critical for a meaningful, satisfying life. I am experienced in using CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) strategies to help you develop effective coping skills to manage and overcome these growth-inhibiting behaviors.

Research-based holistic lifestyle principles - The faith-based CREATION Health lifestyle transformation program has been shown to be effective in helping people globally live longer and healthier lives. Massive landmark studies funded by the National Institutes of Health, the World Health Organization, and the National Cancer Institute, among others, make this program worth utilizing as a tool for optimal well-being. I encourage you to consider how you might benefit from the use of these eight health-based principles to bring about personal transformation.

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