Meagan Gillespie, M.A.

Meagan Gillespie, M.A.
Registered MFT Intern

The search for a therapist that meets your needs can be overwhelming, so I would like to commend you for taking the first big step. I would also like to thank you for your interest in my services and provide you with helpful information about how I can assist you and your family.

Clients often search for therapists they can relate to and who provide a sense of comfort. I am intentional about creating a safe space for clients and their families to speak freely without the fear of being judged. We have all faced life challenges and can benefit from getting assistance to reach our full potential. If you are consumed by life stressors, have challenges transitioning into the next phase of life or feel worthless due to family and societal pressure, therapy can be a great tool to guide you to self-actualization. Familial and romantic relationships have unique difficulties that can be navigated with the help of a neutral third party who brings out the best in everyone and fosters positive relationships filled with joy.

Helping people on an individual and collective level has consistently piqued my interest. Working with people and knowing that I have a chance to make a significant impact in their lives by assisting them with obtaining self-help tools that can last a lifetime has been fulfilling for me. Not only am I passionate about helping people, my sense of humor and my authenticity allow me to build strong bonds with my clients.

I have a passion for empowering adolescents to overcome adversity. Through a variety of opportunities, I have worked closely with youth and their families to provide behavior management and conflict resolution for at-risk youth. In addition, I have experience with grief counseling for individuals and families who were coping with unexpected loss. Most recently, I have provided suicide prevention services for the veteran population. For more information on my areas of expertise please review the information below.

Special Areas of Expertise:

Minority Populations: I have primarily worked with young adults and families of Black, African American, and Hispanic ethnicities. I have built my expertise in cultural responsibility through intensive trainings, workshops, webinars, and mentorship by way of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Minority Fellowship.

Athletes: I am a former collegiate (Division I) track and field athlete and have provided mental health services for athletes and their families. Common challenges that athletes encounter include struggles with time management, performance anxiety, self-worth issues, balancing relationships, and transitioning out of sports. From lived experience and professional training, I can create a unique treatment plan to meet your personal needs.

Stress Management: Identifying what triggers your stress is a good first step to managing it. Acknowledging small adjustments that can be made in your daily routines are things we can explore together on this journey to manage various life stressors and build effective coping strategies.

Conflict Resolution: Conflict can be prevalent among family members or within romantic relationships. In sessions, the goal is to guide clients to consider different perspectives and see how they may be contributing to the issue. Then we explore the feelings that are evoked by the conflict. Ultimately, I aim to help clients recognize the resolution they desire and provide clients with skillful techniques that enable them to manage conflict independently and restore the connection and intimacy they desire.

I hope you found this information helpful. I encourage you to contact me for a free consultation or to further explore ways I can assist you and/or your family. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.


I received my Master’s degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from the University of South Florida with a certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy. I am currently a state Registered Marriage & Family Therapist Intern and Mental Health Counselor Intern under the supervision of Dr. Jeanne Peterson. I received my Bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of Virginia with a minor in Anthropology. Over the course of my professional experience, I have also obtained certificates in Solution-Focused Substance Misuse Treatment, Relational Suicide Assessments, Trauma-Informed Practice, Advancing Youth Development, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, LBGTQ Awareness, Bias Awareness and Youth Development Principles.

Currently, I am excited about plans to pursue Emotionally-Focused Therapy certification to enhance my ability to assist clients with accessing and processing deeper underlying emotions and assisting couples to find and keep the connection they seek.

Payment for Services

I accept payment by cash and check, and offer affordable rates for therapy.

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